Family Law

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Members of the Family Law group:

Pete B. Sarandos

Dena C. Sarandos


Family Law

Our family law practitioners handle all aspects of domestic relations issues, such as divorce, separation, child custody, as well as modifications of existing decrees due to changes in circumstances.  Their extensive experience and knowledge in the field of family law enables them to realistically evaluate your unique situation, and provide objective counsel on likely outcomes in complex cases.

Frequently, divorce cases involve significant financial and asset valuation questions.  Our lawyers identify such issues and then work with the clients and appropriate experts to develop valuations of assets, cash flow analyses, and income projections, in order to establish fair divisions of marital assets and income.  Our in-depth analysis also help develop the strongest possible cases for the just resolution of alimony or maintenance issues, as well as child support.

Where child custody is in contention, we counsel our clients regarding issues, supportable positions, and likely outcomes, thus assisting clients in achieving the best outcomes for their children in what are frequently difficult circumstances.

In Utah, mediation is frequently desired, and required by statute or court rule, in domestic law situations.  We help prepare our clients for both the process and the methods of achieving favorable results.

If you need a family law expert outside of a contested proceeding, we
also negotiate and draft pre-nuptial agreements, and handle adoptions and some
types of guardianship/conservatorship proceedings.